We are an engaged Buddhist group who began on the west coast of Canada and the United States.

We are a strictly non-profit organization working in social justice, peace and non-violence, education and equality. We are a strictly non-monastic partnership of people who live in community and work with others of all backgrounds, identities and ethnicities who share our goals and are willing to talk from a place of peace.

We don’t fight for our beliefs and we won’t die for them. We are non-violent, quiet pacifists. We are empathic academics who believe in the power of silence and stillness to overcome noise and brute strength.

We have great respect for the teachers who have helped us and who we look to for guidance along the path.

Our community engages with the world in the tradition of the wise spiritual leader, Thich Nhat Hanh and His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet. We are followers of the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings (in the Plum Village model) and the Spring Waters Promises.

We work together for five goals. These are the foundation of our practice and the basis for our work to improve the lives of every person we encounter.

1 Education is the path to understanding, peace and hope for a better world.

Traditional systems of rote learning and passing on belief systems and individualist competition have failed our society for far too long. We work for a better way to teach and learn. [ . . . ]

2 Engaging with the spiritual side of our lives is key to walking away from greed, anger and violence.

We are surrounded by those who hate and seek profit, those who wish to hurt and who believe just because they have reason to be angry, it’s a good idea. We work for a peaceful spiritual engagement with everyday life. [ . . . ]

3 Equality is fundamental to mutual respect and interbeing.

In a world where people see and identify with divisive genders, races, ethnicities, nationalities and cultural norms and expectations, equality cannot exist. In a world of competition for profit and control, equality is impossible We work for engaged understanding of our interconnected and equal nature in our world. [ . . . ]

4 Tradition is not the answer.

We live in a world where people vote how their family has always voted, follow their parents’ religions, are proud of their nation and even fight for its leaders’ greed. People buy into a competitive culture where we are individuals and separate, fighting each other and loyal to our tribe, clan or cult. We work for freedom for all people from their pasts to begin a new life of compassion and thankfulness today. [ . . . ]

5 Tomorrow is too late.

Our world is disintegrating before our eyes as species die, forests burn and the small are crushed by the weak. We believe it is necessary to step out of the shadows and speak, firmly and quietly, from a place of peace to tell leaders, governments, the rich and the powerful that their actions are no longer acceptable. We one wave in a great ocean of interbeing and we work to sweep away the forces for division and intolerance before it is too late for humanity to once again become human. [ . . . ]

We hope you will walk with us to accomplish our goals. We’re not a religious organization. We focus on a peaceful and compassionate life together on our shared planet.

While sitting in silence is a truly powerful experience, we believe that the path is clearer if you have someone to walk it with you. Our experienced leaders will happily guide you through breathing and focused meditation in traditional and modern Buddhist styles and you are free to listen as often as you like or download the recordings to take with you on your phone.

Buddhists have been chanting for more than two thousand years, from India to China and across the oceans to North and South America. Whether it’s in ancient languages like Sanskrit and Pali or more modern, contemporary English and Japanese, you are welcome to chant with us and use the sound to enrich your practice and your daily self-care.

We believe that it is our duty, not as leaders but as human beings, to share our experiences with the community. Our teachings range from discussions of ethics and the environment to meditation and history of Buddhist topics and scriptures.

Our teachers are also writers and we publish books that range from Zen poetry and koan study to ethics, discussions of love and compassion in everyday life and reflections on how to make society and culture more peaceful and empathic.

With so much knowledge out there, passed down through generations of our ancestors in many traditions and places, much of it is not in English — much of it was written before the English language even existed! We believe that this should be shared in a contemporary style and written for a curious modern audience.

We know the world is on fire and it’s our fault as humans — even if we haven’t lit the match, we’ve stood by while others have and that is just as shameful. As engaged Buddhists, it is our duty to work to educate and care for a dying planet and bring it back to life.

Injustice and persecution are alive and well in our modern world, just as they have always been. With the rise of tribalism, nationalism, racism and fanaticism, we have taken a vow to work for social justice in all its forms wherever we can do the most good, every day.

We promise always to be a force for education and understanding. We don’t feel like we can rely on hoping and dreaming and praying to get our messages of peace and learning into the world so our in-house editing and publishing team helps us to do just that.

Young people are our future. People are growing up faster than ever with today’s teens having more education and knowledge at their fingertips than nearly all thirty-somethings only a generation ago. Young adults are curious, active and care about our world and social justice. We are here to work with young people to help their voices be heard over the noise of the status quo and the shouting of greed and delusion.

We believe children in the western world in particular are being indoctrinated into a culture that values greed, laziness and self-interest when what our world needs is compassion and togetherness, love and empathy. We won’t try to indoctrinate children with outdated supernatural dreams and rote learning — our child-friendly teachings focus on compassion, equality and responsibility.

Care to sit and have a chat with us? Have some questions we haven’t already answered or just need someone to walk with you for awhile? Get in touch today. You don’t need to be a scholar or a Buddhist to join in our activities and there truly is room for people of all backgrounds and identities here. We are a multicultural group working for a more peaceful, healthier, more compassionate world. If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, we’re here to listen.